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Innovation and Management in Tourism, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

Country: Austria
Address: Urstein Sued 1
City: Puch/Salzburg
Country: Austria
Continent: Europe
Telephone: +43 (0)50 2211-1355
Teaching Language: English
Overview: Tourism demands professionalism Innovation and Management in Tourism (Bachelor/Master degree Program) is a university study programme for future tourism experts who will be engaged in the fields of hotel & destination management, gastronomy, event management, leisure & holiday as well as conference and tourism organisations.

Developing tourism products and professionality implementing their realisation Tourism is an ever-expanding branch of the economy which offers great career opportunities and will continue to do so in the future.

Along with the increasing challenges and the dynamism of the industry, the demand for professionalism in this field is growing rapidly. Through the unique combination of work and studies, students have the opportunity to apply newly gained knowledge directly to the working world.